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Prince Charles Is In Hot Water Once Again After A Comment He Made To A Woman At Recent Appearance Goes Viral

April 24, 2018

Despite much practice and dedication to perfecting your act in the public eye, it’s inevitable that one will slip up from time to time. One who’s had a tricky time keeping tight-lipped in certain situations is Prince Philip. Despite his position, power, and influence, he’s been one to voice his opinion no matter the circumstances.

Traits like this can often be passed down to offspring, whether it be hereditary or simply by growing up around it. Prince Charles, unfortunately, picked up on that habit from his father and recently it’s gotten him into a bit of hot water.

At the Commonwealth People’s Forum in London, Prince Charles, among other family members, were present for the forum. One particular writer was present, and her brief encounter with the Prince of Wales has now made headlines.

Anita Sethi attended the forum and gave a talk on the topic of injustice. She had the opportunity to briefly meet the prince and took full advantage. Upon their meeting, he asked her where she was from.

She told him she was from Manchester and he seemed a bit baffled by the response. He immediately replied, “Well, you don’t look like it.” After that offensive remark, he laughed and walked away to talk with others.

This, undoubtedly, threw Sethi for a loop and made her a bit angry. “Whatever the prince meant or didn’t mean in our fleeting encounter since it happened I have been through all the feelings - from shock to humiliation to rage. The next leader of an organization that represents one-third of the people on the planet commented that I, a brown woman, did not look as if I was from a city in the UK is shocking.”

This also didn’t sit well with many people across the UK. Whether he meant well or not, his words caused damage to someone who thought highly of him. A comment such as that should never have been spoken, and apologies should be issued for the loose comment.

Hopefully, through this situation, the Prince will learn to try and guard his tongue a bit more closely as he eases his way to taking the throne. Do you think a comment like this should be permissible from someone in such power?


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