Prince Charles Moves One Step Closer To Becoming King As He Receives Prestigious 'Promotion' From The Queen. Now It's Only A Matter Of Time

The Prince of Wales, next in line for the British Throne received a major upgrade at the annual Order of the Royal Garter procession, which royal experts say points to his nearing the time when he becomes King.

For the first time ever, Prince Charles and wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were invited to share the Queen’s carriage during the event. In years past, the Prince of Wales would be seated in a carriage that followed immediately behind the reigning Monarch’s.

The order was founded by King Edward II in 1348 who was inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and the tradition has continued for close to 700 years.

Clearly giving her son a more prominent role in his lead-up to ascending to the throne upon her death, Her Majesty is determined that the transition, whenever that might be, should be smooth and orderly.

In recent years, the Queen has been stepping away from many of her duties in favor of Prince Charles, to prepare her son for the inevitable day when the duties will be his, outright.

Also in attendance at the annual event were Princess Anne, only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen's sons Princes Andrew and Edward (and Edward's wife, Sophie), and Prince William who is second in line to the Throne.

The Duke of Cambridge will certainly benefit from any pointers he receives from his father, for the day when he, too, becomes King.

To learn more about what will happen when the sad day arrives when the Queen dies, watch the video, below.

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