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Princess Eugenie Overheard Exposing The Queen’s Private Opinions And The Internet Isn’t Sure How To Handle The Shock

April 30, 2018

Queen Elizabeth has been the reigning monarch of England for the last 66 years, and as the longest living sovereign in the history of the world, there is still very little that the world knows about Her Majesty.

From the time she was just 26 years old, Queen Elizabeth has been viewed as one of the great mysteries of the world; while she is one of the most famous women in the world, she’s had to suppress much of her own opinions and desires. Her role as Queen is demanding and over the years, so much- if not all- of her personal opinions on matters have been kept private.

The world seems to have a very real fascination with the Royal Family; to many, they are living a fairytale life in a busy and modern world. With such a deep appreciation for traditions and their loyalty to their people, the British Royal Family proves to be intriguing in every way imaginable.

Because of their supreme popularity, Netflix decided to capitalize on the fascination of the Royal Family. In 2016, Netflix created “The Crown” chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth all the way from the 1920’s to now. The show recounts when she married, when she became queen, her private family dynamics, meetings with world leaders, and of course, her perceived experience.

The show’s popularity has skyrocketed with millions of fans weekly viewers. However, there is really only one person that who’s opinion of the show matters: The Queen, herself.

Since the show’s creation, Queen Elizabeth has been asked several times about her opinion of the show. In true “Queen Elizabeth fashion,” Her Majesty has remained silent on the matter, leaving everyone’s curiosity to soar.

But after two years, Her Majesty’s opinion on the show has finally surfaced and now the world can’t handle it!

In April 2018, after the show had been running for two years with wild popularity, a friend of Vanessa Kirby (the actress that played Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister) was found at a party with none other than Princess Eugenie! Princess Eugenie just so happens to be the Queen’s granddaughter!

During a casual conversation, The Crown was mentioned at which point Princess Eugenie finally said what everyone was dying to hear…

Princess Eugenie casually said, “Well, my granny watches it and really likes it!”

The friend was shocked, and so was the rest of the crowd, to hear the thought of the show’s namesake! Finally, it was known that the Queen was watching the show and she actually liked it!

Immediately, the friend called Vanessa and shared the news! The two friends gushed over the final consensus that Queen Elizabeth had been watching the show and had enjoyed it! Surely, she knows the validity of the show more than anyone, so she most likely watched it with curiosity as to how the rest of the world was getting an insider look at her life.

Since learning of the news, the cast and team of The Crown are shocked and truly grateful to learn that Her Majesty enjoys their tribute to her. We’re sure it’s a wonderful feeling to be given such a high compliment.

Do you watch The Crown? If so, let us know what you think about it in the comments!


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