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Prince George Has A Royal Family Member In His Class, And You’ll Be Completely Shocked When You See Just Who The Little One’s Mother Is

April 12, 2018

Prince William and his growing family have been flooding every area of the news as of late. The world is sitting on the edge of its seat as it waits in wonderous anticipation for the newest royal to be born. There have been flurries of speculations as to the gender and the name, but William and Kate have done an excellent job at keeping their lips sealed on the matter.

Kate is set to give birth within the next few weeks, and one can only wonder just what is going on in the little minds of big brother, George, and big sister, Charlotte. They, too, are likely more excited than anyone as they eagerly ask their parents question after question about the little one.

Despite the overwhelming interest surrounding the unborn child, other stories about the family have recently come to light. One might consider it a nice break in the news. Thankfully, the stories are equally as intriguing, giving us a greater insight into the royal family.

As Prince George gears up for the arrival of his second sibling, he is forced to continue with his day to day routine. He is currently enrolled in Thomas’s in Battersea and, surprisingly enough, isn’t the only royal present in the class.

He shares a room with another student, Maud Windsor, who just so happens to be his cousin! She is the daughter of Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince Michael of Kent, who is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin. Not only does little Maud have a high profile father, but her mother is also one that many across the globe would easily recognize.

Her mother is none other than Sophie Winkleman, also known as Lady Frederick Windsor. She is a well-known actress whose most noticeable roles are in The Walking Dead and Two and a Half Men.

Little Maud was born just one month shy of Prince George, and they started school together. Though both children come from royal families, they are both treated the very same as any other student in the class.

“Our aim for George, as well as for all of our pupils, is to provide a safe and secure and happy environment where he feels supported by a kind and loving community. That’s all we'll be trying to achieve for him. There won’t be any special treatment at all,” a school representative stated.

Despite any first-day-of-school jitters, Prince George was likely comforted greatly when he walked into class to find his dear cousin there as well. We wish the two little kiddos the best school year ever and can’t wait to see how they grow and blossom over the years!


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