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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Sneakily Evade Easter Service Celebration For a Very Startling Reason

April 03, 2018

Every major holiday is a prime opportunity for celebration as a family. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are some of the most prominent of holidays where family members gather together for grand celebrations.

The members of the British royal household not only celebrate holidays together as a family, but they also make public appearances as a family. Unless one is gravely ill or in another country for a work occasion, each is fitfully present, adorned in classy and tasteful attire.

At the Queen’s Easter service at St. George’s Chapel, two prominent individuals failed to be present. Prince Harry and bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, were notably absent from the grand traditional celebration. This would have been Meghan’s first time participating in Easter festivities with her new family.

It’s not entirely known just where the two lovebirds were on this monumental day, but reports have given insight as to the real reason for the absence. According to sources, the Prince and his lady were likely enjoying some downtime out of the public’s eye. Their destination of choice is still up for debate.

They have been earnestly and dutifully attending the required outings and engagements all while planning the wedding of the century but apparently decided to take a weekend break and step away from the hustle and bustle that comes with their lives.

In recent years, Prince Harry has been absent from the Easter services. This gives us the impression that this particular holiday is one that isn’t a requirement for the entire family and is likely optional. We’ll never know if the Queen was perturbed by the no-shows. If so, she hid it well with her smiles and warm welcomes to those in attendance.

The lovely couple likely decided that since it was optional, they’d take the opportunity to get a bit of rest and relaxation alone before things ramp up in the coming months. Until then, we greatly anticipate the impending wedding and cannot wait to see all the surprises that come along with it!


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