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Prince Harry Bucks Major Tradition (Again) For Meghan Markle And This Time, Prince William Speaks His Mind Without Holding Anything Back

May 02, 2018

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is less than three weeks away and the world can’t seem to get enough of the adorable couple. This particular wedding has picked up a lot of press, especially because Harry and Meghan have already broken so many traditions and protocols.

So far, it is believed that Meghan will be walked down the aisle by her mother, Gloria, rather than her father (Who is reportedly not even invited to the wedding). Additionally, Harry is going back and forth between his wedding wardrobe with the groom considering a tuxedo or his royal uniform.

But there is one major tradition that Prince Harry is breaking that he’s been very vocal about: wearing his wedding ring.

Wedding rings were originally intended to be worn by husbands during WWII; the rings served as a reminder to married soldiers that their were apart of a family back home. While the sentiment of a wedding ring is endearing and special, no royal husband has ever worn a wedding ring!

Even Prince William, who is one of the most famous royal family members, goes without a ring. His decision to not wear a wedding ring stunned the British people, especially given the fact that he and his bride, Kate Middleton, were so public and with their relationship.

Rather, Prince William refuses to wear a wedding ring for the simple reason that he just plain “doesn't like it.” Anyone who wears a wedding ring knows that it can take some getting use to, but William has made his decision and it appears that he’s sticking to it!

Prince Harry on the other hand, is more than excited to wear a wedding ring! For the first time in royal history, Prince Harry will be wearing a wedding ring. While it is entirely opposite of royal family tradition, it seems appropriate for Harry. After all, he is known for his romantic side as well as his rebellion.

The ceremony of Harry and Meghan will be the first royal ceremony in which the officiant will have the bride place a ring upon the groom’s finger. Now the question is- will the ring be yellow gold or white gold?!


The wedding will take place on May 19th at St. George Chapel. We can’t wait to celebrate the royal couple!

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