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Prince Harry Reportedly 'Inches From Death' In Scary Roadside Bombing Incident

March 23, 2018

A soon-to-be-released book by Katie Nicholl sheds new light on the sometimes-secret life of the soon-to-be-married, second-born son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

According to elleuk.com, Some of the revelations are truly startling, but none more heart-stopping than the report of how close the Prince came to losing his life when he served in in his country's armed services in Afghanistan.

According to The Daily Mail, it was late 2007 and Harry's squadron was on the search for any signs of Taliban fighters. "The mission for Harry’s C Squadron was to carry out reconnaissance on Taliban villages in Scimitar armoured cars and Spartan armoured personnel carriers."

Just a few days into the mission, Harry had a close brush with death, and if not for a space of six inches, there would have been no "Harry and Meghan" for us to vicariously enjoy.

Captain Dikon Leigh-Wood, who had known Harry for many years and had trained with him at Combermere Barracks, near Windsor, was blunt: "We almost drove over an IED – it was a much closer shave than the first time.

"One of the vehicles in the column suddenly noticed something flick underneath the tank in front and everyone was ordered to stop.

"You automatically think, 'This is gonna go off. This is it.'

"The previous vehicles, including Harry’s, had missed the pressure plate of an IED by about six inches. If any of us had gone over it, it would have been game over."

Needless to say, the entire world is glad that Harry's guardian angel was watching over him and that he completed his service and came back home unharmed.

Now, we can look forward to following the dashing Prince as he continues showing the world just what an impressive young man he truly is!

To see an enlightening interview with Harry while he was serving in the military, watch the video, below

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