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As Prince Harry Gets Aquatinted With Fatherhood, But 1 Thing From His Rebellious Party Days Makes A Comeback In His Life

May 22, 2019

Prince Harry is a father!

It’s crazy to believe that this rebellious prince is all settled down in a cottage with his Hollywood wife and their firstborn son… it doesn’t seem like all that long ago he was covering front pages with paparazzi party pictures.

When Prince Harry became a husband and a father- all in the same year- fans were utterly shocked to see how much royal had he had truly changed. And while it’s been quite some time since the prince ran with an energetic crowd, it seems like one thing has made a not-so-subtle comeback into his life as a father…

Sleepless nights!

Since becoming a father, Prince Harry has constantly been waking up at 4 am. The first-time dad knew that fatherhood would entail lots of sleepless nights, but luckily for him, his days as a crazy party boy likely helped in his favor.

Thankfully, Prince Harry isn’t the only one waking up early- mum, Meghan Markle has become an early rise herself! While she’s always been an earlier riser with her show, Suits, there’s likely a slight difference to walking up for hair and makeup and waking up for a hungry baby.

As rumor would have it, Harry and Meghan have no desire to get a nanny. Many royals have had nanny’s in the past to offset the sleeping schedules and workload for their babies- but Harry and Meghan have shared that they want to be hands-on parents, and not have a nanny- at least for a little bit!

I believe that Harry and Meghan are doing extraordinary well as first-time parents- especially given their unique sleeping schedules in the past! We do hope that they manage to get some help so they can at least get a little bit of sleep!

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