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Prince Harry Makes Massive Sacrifice In Order To Start A Family After Months Of Meghan Begging His Cooperation

June 29, 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle officially became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Since they’re fairytale wedding day With more than 29 million viewers, the hysteria has yet to settle down even two months later. And to be honest, we don’t see how it could settle down in the foreseeable future!

The newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to be everyone’s new favorite couple. As an American actress, Meghan has millions of loyal fans who are been inspired by her journey. And now that she’s an official royal, she’s an even bigger inspiration! Prince Harry has been the apple of the world’s eye since he was just a little tot being carried around by the late and beloved Princess Diana.

When Harry and Meghan first began living together, they opted for Harry’s home in London, rather than Meghan’s home in Toronto, Canada. The couple cozied into the classic Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds. In their first weeks of married life, they’ve already decided that they need a little more space.

The Duke and Duchess are moving into Apartment 1 at Kensington Palace! The apartment was offered as a gift to the newlyweds when they first became engaged. The current residents, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, offered the 21-room apartment to the newlyweds as they after they decided they wanted to downsize.

Aside from moving, the Duke and Duchess are also making some changes to themselves. After months of begging Harry to quit smoking and drinking, he’s finally agreed to give it up! They, of course, want a healthy pregnancy and baby, and smoking will not do either of those things any favors.

We’re taking the signs of moving into a bigger place and Harry’s decision to stop smoking as a sign that the couple is looking to start their family! Both couples have shared their love for children and many sources have commented on their plans to start a family sooner than later. Just days after their wedding, it was discovered that they were already expecting, but as it turns out, that was only a rumor.

Even if the Duke and Duchess are not planning on a family soon and this happens to be another rumor (we sure hope that’s not the case), then we still fully support Prince Harry’s decision to stop smoking and drinking as both as unhealthy habits. Thank you, Meghan, for pointing Harry in the right place!


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