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Prince Louis’ Birth Certificate Reveals Hidden Details About Kate Middleton Confirming What We’ve All Suspected For Years

May 01, 2018

Prince Louis is only days old and already he’s taken over the internet! After a long and private pregnancy, little Louis made his way into the world on April 23rd, 2018. As the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and fifth in line for the throne, the little prince is well on his way to an exciting life!

Just like any newborn, Prince Louis has an official birth certificate! On Tuesday, May 1st, a little over a week since he’d arrived, Prince Louis’ birth certificate was shared publicly.

At first glance, the birth certificate appears to be entirely normal, but upon further inspection, something truly extraordinary surfaces…

In the sections provided for the child’s father and mother, the Duke and Duchess provide their names, surnames, place of birth, and occupation. And while that’s all rather standard, something completely shocking made its way onto little Prince Louis’ birth certificate.

Prince Louis’ father, Prince William, appeared normally on the birth certificate: His Royal Highness Princes William Arthur Philip Louis Duke of Cambridge, Occupation: Prince of the United Kingdom. Directly underneath his information was his wife’s information.

Prince Louis’, Duchess Kate, appeared as Catherine Elizabeth Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Occupation: Princess of United Kingdom.

There’s just one surprising factor: Kate is not a princess!

Many of assumed that because Kate married a prince, she automatically earns the title of “Princess.” But that is not the case. Since her wedding to England’s prince, Kate did earn an official royal title, however, it’s not “Princess.” In fact, she’s technically not a princess at all by previous royal documentation!

Rather, she is a duchess! Once married, the couple went from Prince William and Ms. Catherine Middleton to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Technically, William will always remain a prince since he a direct heir to the throne, however, Kate is not a princess.

The birth certificate’s inefficiency has readers wondering if it’s false or if Kate’s occupation as just a simple oversight. Or better yet, is her occupation that of a princess while her title remains the same? That is a definite possibility, in which case we’d love to learn more! We look forward to hearing the conclusion later in time.


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