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Prince Louis’ First Public Appearance Since His Birth Leaves Brits Thrilled But Surprised - Because It’s Not At All What We Had Expected

May 14, 2018

Ever since we met the newest member of the Royal Family, little Prince Louis Arthur Charles on April 23rd, we have been combing every publication and media source we can find for another glimpse of the darling little guy. Then, just when we thought we couldn’t stand it any longer, we were treated to two cute snaps taken by Kate, in honor of big sister Charlotte’s third birthday.

But what we all really want to see is the little guy in person, or at least in a video so we can see for ourselves how he’s doing. And although this recent sighting of the young prince is not accompanied by any photos, it does give us hope that he will be out-and-about more often now that he is almost a month old. And, for sure, we will get to see him at some point. I mean, the odds are in our favor, right?

For any lucky bystander who happened to be on the grounds of Kensington Palace recently, they were in for a surprising treat! The little Prince, who is just three weeks old, was spotted "being taken for a stroll in Kensington Gardens with the family nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who wasn't in her usual uniform and was with a protection officer, presumably as the Gardens are a public place.” Can you imagine how awesome that would be?

For those of us who thought the next opportunity for a “Louis-sighting” would be the Royal wedding of his uncle, Prince Harry on May 19th, we’ve had to resign ourselves to being disappointed. Kensington Palace has already issued a statement that the baby would NOT be attending, at least in any formal capacity.

After all, his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have their hands full performing their duties as Best Man (William) and arranging for George and Charlotte’s anticipated roles (Kate).

However, there is speculation that the infant will not be far away, probably somewhere at Windsor just in case he needs his mama. Reports claim that either Grandma Carole Middleton or nanny would be perfect for taking care of the little prince while the rest of his immediate family are busy with the wedding.

So, it sounds as though there’s still a chance of Louis’ making an appearance on Saturday in the midst of all the hoopla. All it would take for a quick-thinking and highly alert owner of a cell phone to snap a pic. Then you and I can feast our eyes on the little bundle of joy that we are so excited to get to know better.

To see what roles Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have at Uncle Hary's wedding, watch the video, below.


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