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Prince Philip’s Health Continues To Worry Royal Family Ahead Of His 97th Birthday, Leaving Many To Wonder If He Can ‘Soldier On’ This Time

June 07, 2018

It has been a year of mixed blessings for Prince Philip as he faced a series of health concerns on top of the utter joy of not only the birth of another great-grandson but also the marriage of his grandson Harry to American Meghan Markle. Suffering mounting pain from a bad hip over the past few years, the Duke of Edinburgh made the difficult decision to undergo a joint replacement operation in early April.

As the world worried about his condition, and with rumors running rampant that he was near death, the truth was quite a bit different from what the public believed. Unbeknownst to his loyal fans, Philip was maintaining a vigorous pace of rehabilitation behind the walls of Windsor Castle.

Not having been seen for over six weeks, speculation was rife about whether or not he would be well enough to attend the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But, lo-and-behold, when the day arrived, there he was, front and center, looking spry and healthy as he escorted his wife, the Queen into St. George's Chapel to witness the celebration.

But the Duke was hiding a huge secret that day that we only learned of after the wedding. In his optimistic determination to get back to his old self, the Prince Consort took a bad fall while bathing and suffered broken ribs and a black eye. You'd never know it by the way he looked on his grandson's wedding day, though, and the world was truly shocked when we found out the extent of his injuries and what he had to endure while Harry and Meghan tied the knot on May 19th.

Now, it's been three weeks since the last Prince Philip sighting, and to those who worry about this health, it can mean only one thing: bad news. Granted, the Duke is retired, so we haven't really expected to see him at any of the royal engagements that his wife has attended in the interim, but with his 97th birthday coming this Sunday, June 10th, we are sadly reminded of Prince Philip's mortality.


Some might call it morbid, but we can't help but brace ourselves for the inevitable announcement of the ultimate bad news about the Duke. It may not be this week, or this month, or even this year but, to be sure, it will happen. And when that sad day comes, the Royal Family will be confronted with a drastic change in how things have gone for the past 70 years. And the world will grieve right along with Her Majesty and her family.

While we hope that the Duke of Edinburgh is doing well, and is not facing any additional personal challenges, we continue to pray for a complete recovery from his unfortunate year of bad health.


On that note, we hope to see Prince Philip emerge onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Saturday, June 9th, with the rest of the family for the annual Trooping the Colour parade. That would go a long way to calm the world's worries about the beloved Prince Philip.

To see the momentous celebration of Prince Philip's 95th birthday two years ago, watch the video, below.


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