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Prince Philip’s Troubling No-Show On Day After Wedding, Raises Concerns That He May Not Be Doing As Well As We Were Led To Believe

May 24, 2018

On the day after the spectacular wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, royal life seemed to pick up where it left off -  as though nothing out-of-the-ordinary had happened the day before. It was Sunday and Queen Elizabeth made her regular trip to church as was her weekly custom. Nothing unusual about that.

But, what has caused questions to be asked on a seemingly normal Sunday morning, was the absence of her husband, Prince Philip, as she rode in her car on the way to church.

Just one day before, we saw the welcomed-sight of the Duke of Edinburgh, jauntily strolling from car to chapel alongside his wife, Queen Elizabeth, as though he were thirty years younger. No one spotting him on that morning would ever have suspected that the Prince Consort had undergone a serious medical procedure just a few weeks prior.

In early April, the Queen’s husband had been given a total hip replacement in the wake of chronic pain he had been experiencing in recent years. At the time, it was doubtful he would be recovered enough in the six-weeks’ time leading up to his grandson’s wedding to American actress, Meghan Markle.

Few updates were given to the public during the Duke’s rehabilitation period, leaving many to wonder if this was good news or bad news. Then, when the wedding day arrived, we got the answer to that question: It was definitely GOOD news! Not only did Prince Philip attend the wedding, but he seemed agile, strong, and pain-free as he entered the church with a big smile on his face.

He sat there, courtly and dignified, next to his wife and watched the proceedings from start to finish. He seemed alert and healthy as he enjoyed the festivities.

Then, that was it. The next day, things seemed to go back to the way they had been during the six weeks prior. Queen Elizabeth back at it, attending church services early the next morning - but without her husband by her side. Although Prince Philip had officially retired from official duties last year, no one could possibly consider attending Sunday morning church services as “official.”

We sincerely hope that the conspicuous absence of the Duke of Edinburgh on Sunday morning doesn’t mean anything more than he just wanted a morning after lie-in. Something a 96-year-old Royal certainly deserves after more than 70 years of dedicated service to the Commonwealth.

To learn more about the retirement last year of Prince Philip, watch the video, below.


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