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Prince Philip’s True Feelings Finally Emerge As He Bans His Nemesis, Sarah Ferguson, From This Royal Privilege

April 12, 2018

The British royal family is known for displaying a great deal of etiquette and class at every outing. They know their job and do it well, and if they had qualms with another, they know to handle their feelings within the walls of the palace.

With any family, though, there’s always a bit of dissension to some extent. It’s inevitable that some will have a distaste for another. Prince Philip knows this to be quite true. The Prince has endured a long feud with his son, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

His son’s marriage was one that could never be compared to one like Prince William and Kate’s. Andrew and Sarah have quite a history together and, more often than not, found themselves smack dab in the middle of the negative limelight.

Philip’s great distaste for Sarah has only increased throughout the years, and he finally found it necessary to put his foot down in some areas where she’s concerned. Andrew and Sarah are officially divorced and have been for many years, but the duo continues to share residency. They also make frequent appearances together, often giving some the impression that they’re back together.

Philip has had quite enough of the shenanigans and has finally had his say. When it comes to Christmas, Sarah still comes around, but the Duke of Edinburgh now has some rules concerning this.

Typically, the royal family stays at the Sandringham House during the Christmas holiday. Philip has now revoked her privileges of doing so, and she is forbidden to stay with the family during this time. This also holds true for any other holiday stays at Sandringham.

According to sources, “They all stay in the main house, apart from the Duchess. Prince Philip detests Sarah and has never forgiven her for what she did in America.” Her err on American soil was when she had a public affair with Texas billionaire, John Bryan in the early 90s.

Despite the dissension between the two, they inevitably face from time to time. Now, in perfect royal fashion, the Duke has learned ways to avoid her in a drama-free manner. Do you agree with the Duke’s decision for this or do you think she should be allowed to stay with the family for any occasion?


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