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Prince Philip Vows To Go To Unfathomable Lengths In Order To Avoid One Particular Guest At Prince Harry’s Wedding

April 03, 2018

Every family has at least one person that trouble follows quite closely. When they attend any family gathering, the mood instantly changes, causing many to be quite uncomfortable and uneasy with the setting.

Sadly, this very scenario is a common occurrence in the British royal family. They opt to have a very pleasant, unified front when making public appearances and, more often than not, the front is genuine. One relationship has caused a great deal of strife for some family members and, with every encounter, it grows more tense.

It’s no secret that Prince Philip has had a deep distaste for his son, Prince Andrew’s estranged ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. This disgust has become increasingly difficult for him to hide over the years since she caused such an uproar in the palace.

It seems as though Philip has never been able to put to bed the incriminating damage that Sarah, also known as “Fergie,” has brought upon the family and their upstanding reputation. Her overly publicized affairs and flaunting her status and ties to many royals did nothing but bring her to utter shame in the eyes of the royals.

Despite the negativity she brings, Prince Andrew still insists on keeping her around. Though they are divorced, they share a home together, vacation homes together, and still make appearances as though they are a married couple. This only drives the nail deeper under the skin of Prince Philip.

This causes one to wonder, how will Philip react to his untimely encounter with his enemy come May 19th? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to invite her to their wedding and, whether he likes it or not, Prince Philip will be faced with the dreaded task of being near Fergie.

According to close sources, he wants nothing more than for his beloved grandson’s wedding to go off without a hitch and certainly doesn’t want to be one to cause a riff on the big day. “He won’t want to cause a stir because he understands it’s his grandson there. He doesn’t want to cause any upset but, at the end of the day, when they go back to the castle for a reception, he will not be anywhere near the Duchess. He doesn’t like her, and once even said he detests her, so it’s quite a strong feeling.”

It speaks highly of his character to know that, even in the presence of an enemy, he will put his emotions aside for the sake of his grandson, Harry. While the encounter will likely be an awkward one, the moment is fleeting in the grand scheme of things.


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