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Tensions Rise As Prince Philip’s 26 Years Of Outrage Towards Sarah Ferguson Unfold. Now, Princess Eugenie May Just Get The Brunt Of It

July 30, 2018

Another Royal Wedding is upon us and this time it’s for Princess Eugenie and her longtime beau, Jack Brooksbank.

Princess Eugenie is the second daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Eugenie is set to tie the knot on October 12th, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel- the same venue as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in May.

Being one of the granddaughters to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the October wedding is highly anticipated. The wedding will be similar to Harry and Meghan’s wedding with a highly exclusive guest list, a carriage ride, and a large crowd of fans outside the chapel. However, there is one individual that attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding that may not attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding: Prince Philip.

Prince Philip is Princess Eugenie’s grandfather- so why on Earth would he be considered absent from the October nuptials? After all, he attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding only six weeks after undergoing a massive hip surgery.

The reason for Prince Philip’s likely absence has nothing to do with his health but everything to do with his resentment towards Princess Eugenie’s mother, The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

Fergie, as she is referred to by fans and relatives, married Prince Andrew in 1986 at Westminster Abbey in London. For years, Fergie was seen as a beloved member of the Royal Family. She and Princess Diana were exceptionally close and for years were seen as best friends. However, only six years into her marriage, Fergie made a massive mistake, one that her daughter might be paying for come October 12th.

In 1992, Fergie made international front-page news when she was caught cheating on her husband, Prince Andrew, with her financial advisor. Royal biographer, Penny Juror, said: “She was famously photographed with her financial advisor and she was wearing a bikini in some garden in the south of France and he appeared to be sucking her toes.”

Later that year, Fergie and Prince Andrew serrated after Queen Elizabeth had decided that she would no longer accept Fergie’s place in her family. In 1996, the couple officially divorced. Fergie’s once honorable reputation was totally destroyed and almost no one has been more ashamed of her actions than her former father-in-law, Prince Philip.

Today, Fergie and Prince Andrew still remain partners, although they are still legally separated, they do live together and have even been rumored to one day remarry. Fergie has been somewhat accepted by most members of the Royal Family, but Prince Philip can’t seem to overlook her 1992 scandal.

Several publications believe that Prince Philip will not attend his granddaughter’s wedding simply because of his26-yearr outrage over his ex-daughter-in-law. What do you think? Do you think he’ll attend or refrain from celebrating his granddaughter’s wedding because of Fergie?


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