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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Body Language While Introducing Their Newborn Tell Us An Enormous Amount About Their Relationship Now

April 24, 2018

When you live your life in the face of the media, you quickly learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of public life. Some are thrust into this world without a voice in the matter while others diligently work their way up to being a so-called celebrity.

If you’re a member of the British royal household, it’s a given that the world will stand in awe of your every move. You know nothing aside from this lifestyle (unless you marry into it) and you quickly fall in line as a proper royal should.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have dominated headlines worldwide for quite some time as many sat in great anticipation for their third child to be born. Once the little prince arrived, it’s all anyone can talk about. Some, however, have noticed a thing or two about the proud mom and dad and that, too, is making headlines as much.

Patti Wood, body language expert and author, weighed in on the body language between the Prince and the Duchess, revealing telling signs about the state of their relationship now. Despite your preparation and proper behavior, there are some things you simply cannot hide.

She first made mention of the couple’s behavior when they announced the birth of their first child, Prince George. “Kate’s feet are nearly overlapping as she’s standing on the stairs. This indicates that she feels the need to keep it all together. Both of them have relaxed hands, but there’s slight gestures like the feet and forced smiles that indicate they’re a bit tense at this moment.”

This is certainly understandable for any first-time parent, and despite any hesitations or nervousness they may have felt, they hid it quite well behind large, proud smiles. When the time came for them to introduce their second child, Princess Charlotte, their behavior shifted slightly.

“This tender moment between Will and Kate is something out of a movie. Her fingers are locked inside his, which is her subtle way of saying, ‘this moment is all about us.’”

With the recent introduction to baby number three, they were complete naturals. What took many by surprise the most was how seemingly normal and relatable the couple appeared. “In every photo of the couple, they are completely present with one another. This moment is 100% about the new addition to the family, and not the photographers, which is a pattern we see time and time again.”

Despite the difficulties that accompany a birth, it’s quite understandable that the mother and father alike are incredibly exhausted. Another body language expert and author, Susan Constantine, went on to note this aspect as well. “Even in a moment that’s uncomfortable, the pair instantly relaxes when they lock eyes. The couple is leaning toward one another. With her double arm hold, it’s almost as if Kate is presenting the baby to him - and Will’s taking it all in as he turns his toes and torso toward his wife.”

This is everything and more than we wanted to hear about the beautiful couple. While it’s pretty clear that they are as in love as ever before, it’s nice to hear an expert’s take on the matter. We’re so happy that the Duchess and her little prince are both healthy. We wish nothing but the best for the new family of five!


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