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Prince William And Kate Middleton Were Nowhere To Be Seen At Meghan Markle’s Royal Debut. Their Excuse Has Sent Shock Waves Across The Globe

May 23, 2018

Less than a week ago, the world sat in wide-eyed wonderment as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Their love story is one for the ages and has captivated both the young and the old.

It seems as if it were yesterday that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were getting married and now, years later, their second son has taken a wife. Harry’s zest for life and wild side has definitely mellowed out over the years. Despite the fun bachelor lifestyle he had created for himself, he knew it was time to settle down.

I surely doubt he ever planned on finding a bride as wonderful and as unique as Meghan Markle. The two come from vastly different backgrounds and lifestyles. Meghan was more accustomed to the L.A. and Hollywood way of life and altering her ways to fit into the royal family has definitely taken a bit of adjusting.

Now that the joyous couple is wed and have earned the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they’ve spent no time getting into their new roles. Just three days after their wedding, the two made their first official appearance as husband and wife.

This appearance was the debut for Meghan as an official Duchess, so it was a very important day for this reason. The event was to celebrate the upcoming 70th birthday of her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

Other members of the close-knit family were present, such as Prince Charles, himself, his wife, Camilla, and Prince Harry. Two very prominent members of the family were noticeably absent, though.

For an event of this magnitude, one would rightly assume that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be in attendance as well. Neither one were spotted anywhere during the event, causing many to question their whereabouts. Once the public caught wind of their locations, they had a great deal to say about it.


Prince William had other plans for the afternoon and chose to forego the celebration and travel 200 miles away to the Manchester Cathedral. He was there to attend a one-year anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack, where 22 individuals perished.

Kate was absent from this event as well. She, too, had a separate engagement: Motherhood was calling! She is technically still on maternity leave and still has a few more months to spend at home with her one-month-old prince, Louis, and her other two children, George and Charlotte.

Typically, she wouldn’t have been out and about in public so soon, but, the family affair of her brother-in-law’s wedding merited her presence. We may not be seeing a great deal from her in the next few months, but she has a very good reason.

Though they missed out on a crucial event, we can all rest easy knowing that they weren’t intentionally avoiding the gathering altogether. They are quite happy with Harry’s new wife and cannot wait to see just how the family evolves over time with the new addition.


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