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Prince William And Prince Harry Almost Had Entirely Different Names! Here’s What They Would Have Been Called If Diana Hadn’t Stepped In

July 18, 2018

Two of the biggest names in the world are Prince William and Prince Harry. When these two brothers came into the world, they changed everything. Now nearly four decades later, it’s hard to imagine a world without our beloved Prince William and Prince Harry.

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles first announced they were expecting, the world as a whole went into utter hysteria. With Prince Charles being the next in line to the throne and Princess Diana being the most beloved woman in the history of the world, their children would surely be adored by all. And with their marriage having apparent flaws, the addition of an innocent and pure-hearted child seemed to be precisely what the world needed.

Since 1984, the world has known the dynamic duo of William and Harry. They grew up as best friends; they experience the life that many will only ever dream about, they mourned the loss of their beloved mother together, and today they’re growing their own families. The entire world has watched their lives unfold, and many feel a special closeness to each of the princes.

And while royal fans believe to know nearly all there is to know about Prince William and Prince Harry. The shocking truth is that there were almost never a Prince William or Prince Harry at all! In the novel, Diana: Her True Story written by Andrew Morton, the author reveals both Prince William and Prince Harry almost had different names!

Rather than being the adored “William” and “Harry” that they are today, Prince Charles wanted to name his two sons Arthur and Albert. But Diana put her foot down with very "Diana" reasoning: Princess Diana simply denied the names by saying “those names are too old!” Princess Diana was playful and lighthearted and she wanted her children to have names that represented that part of her. So, they settled on Diana choosing their son’s first name and Charles choosing their middle names.

Today we have Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Prince Henry Charles Albert David, but more lovingly known as Prince William and Prince Harry.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BjIb6lSHZfU/?hl=en&tagged=harryandwilliam We are so happy that Princess Diana put her foot down for their names. To imagine a world without Prince William and Prince Harry seems much more medieval than where we are today.

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