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Prince William Displayed The Perfect Response To Kate Middleton’s ‘Dazed And Tired’ Behavior At Public Event

July 13, 2018

Every time Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge make a public appearance together, we can’t help but fall even more in love with the royal duo.

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the majority of the British royal family on the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony during the Royal Air Force Celebration.


While everyone shuffled out to find their place, it appeared as though Kate was looking a bit tired and dazed. Prince William, being the wonderfully attentive and thoughtful husband that he is, jumped right in to help her along the way.

A participant at the event captured the entire scenario, and since its release, it’s taken the internet by storm. As they walk out, Kate seems a bit hesitant and somewhat lost as to where to stand.

Kate’s maternity leave is far from over, but she has made several exceptions as of late. If I had to guess, I’d say the long days and late nights with 11-week-old sweet Prince Louis are starting to wear on her!

Prince William is a few steps behind her. Upon seeing her, he quickly places his hand on her back and leads her to the proper place. It’s as if he’s subtly telling her to pick up the pace in the most relatable marriage-worthy way possible!

Human behavioral expert, Susan Constantine, details the scenario: “It’s as if Prince William is going, ‘come on, wake up, here we go. Kate seems to be uncertain, preoccupied, and not focused, but Will appears to have picked up on that which is why you see him take the lead and nudge her along.”

Shortly after this, they were right back to their chipper, candid selves as they enjoyed the remaining time of the ceremony. They way they react to one another, the understood respect they share, and the casual, loving glances they exchange prove to us just how solid their relationship is.

Out of all the royal couples, William and Kate have a way of reminding us just how similar they truly are to us. They continue to bring smiles to our faces with their upbeat, positive, and joyful personalities!


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