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Prince William Gets Brutally Honest About Princess Charlotte And It’s Far Beyond What’d You’d Ever Expect

April 04, 2018

The world is swirling with excitement as the anticipation of the arrival of the third royal baby. The Duchess of Cambridge, now heavily pregnant, has finally taken a break from all of her official duties.

I can only imagine how excited she and Prince William are as they dream of what the little one will look like. Will the baby be a he or a she? Will the baby have a smile like Dad and beautiful brown locks like Mom?

One thing they know for certain: they want their other children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to adjust well to the little bundle of joy. George already has the role of big brother completely mastered. For Charlotte, this is brand new territory.

Their father, Prince William, knows just how tricky it is for children to find their new place in the family and wants Charlotte to adjust just as well as her big brother. When asked about his precious little girl, his response was better that one could ever imagine.

“She’s been a little joy of heaven. It’s fantastic having a lovely little family,” he said, beaming. On another occasion, he told an acquaintance, “Charlotte is very ladylike.”

One can only fathom that she gets these magnificent qualities from the impeccable role models in her life: her mother, Kate Middleton, her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and, though they never had an opportunity to meet, her late-grandmother, Princess Diana. Remnants of all three powerful women are easily seen in Charlotte’s mannerisms and behaviors, making her all the more loveable.

From what Prince William says about Charlotte, we know that she will be an incredible big sister and will teach her baby all the ropes of the royal life. Little does she know that in a few short weeks, she’ll have a new best friend for life!


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