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Prince William Makes ‘Royal’ Slip-Up, Revealing Closely Guarded Secret About Baby #3 - And His Backtracking Did Nothing To Get Him Out Of Hot Water With Kate

April 12, 2018

Prince William had a quick moment out with the boys - ahead of the impending Royal birth - to see his beloved Aston Villa football (soccer) team in their championship game. But did his enthusiasm for his boys get the better him and cause him to let slip a royal secret that, up to now, had been held very close to the vest?

Although it is widely reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don't even know the sex of their new little babe, is it possible that we have been duped all along?

Without a doubt. Prince William’s favorite player on the team is Jack Grealish who just happened to score the winning goal on this historic night.

After the spectacular kick was made, clinching the Aston Villa’s victory, William was exuberant with not only his elation at the win but also in his admiration and reverence for the hero of the match, Jack Grealish.

Before he could stop himself, he blurted out a very telling statement, “I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack,” reports the Mirror. Then, apparently realizing what he had just said, he added in a feeble “…or Jackie” to make it sound as though he hadn’t just spilled the beans.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the throwaway line at the end was very convincing.

This brings up two very important question. #1-Do Kate and William actually know the sex of their third child, in spite of what we have all been led to believe? and #2-What will Kate say when she finds out what her husband has done?

Time will certainly will tell if William’s slip was accidental (meaning they really ARE having a boy) or intentional (and they either don[t know or they are having a girl)in an attempt to throw the public off the scent. But for now, his biggest concern is that he has to face Kate.

If the baby does turn out to be a prince, he will have a keepsake to proudly display in the nursery - Grealish’s winning jersey that he gave to Prince William after the match.

It will be either a cherished memento of a famous victory by a soccer superstar - or a constant reminder of how William ALMOST made it to the end of the pregnancy without revealing the secret that everyone has been dying to know!

Do you think the Duke knows and let it slip? Let us know in the comments section on Facebook!


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