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Prince William Is Banned From Being Baby Sussex’s Godfather, And The Reason Isn't At All What You'd Expect

March 21, 2019

Baby Sussex will be here any day now and the world is getting pretty darn excited about his or her arrival!

But likely more than the international fanbase that this little royal already has, his or her immediate family is more excited than anyone else. Especially the very famous uncle of the royal babe, Prince William.

Prince William is the big brother of the soon-to-be dad, Prince Harry. Growing up, the two brothers were so very close. When Prince William began growing his own family with Kate Middleton, Prince Harry was thrilled. Hoping to be known as the “Fun Uncle,” he surely made his mark quickly with his older brother’s children.

Now, it’s Prince William’s turn! But it’s likely that Prince William won’t be working for the title of “Fun Uncle,” especially given that he’s next in line for King and has three children of his own. Many fans speculated that Prince William has his eye on a different title- the title of “Godfather.”

There’s just one thing- Prince William can’t be Baby Sussex’s godfather.

While the brothers have always been very close, William will absolutely not be Harry’s child’s godfather because- According to The Frisky- when it comes to the running for a godfather, it is customary in the Royal Family that parents do not pick close family members for this specific role. Instead of an immediate family member, it must be a more distant family member of close family friend.

Many may choose to believe that William is not given the title of Baby Sussex’s godfather for the recently alleged drama that’s taken place between the bothers and their wives, but that’s not the case at all. Why there may or may not be drama for the brothers and their wives, it has nothing to do with why Prince William will not be named Baby Sussex’s godfather. Simply put, he can’t be the child’s Godfather given his role as Harry’s brother. It’s that simple!

Looks like Prince William will have to consider fighting for the title of “Fun Uncle” or something else. But since Harry already has that title down-pat, we think Prince William should be the “Wise Uncle.” After all, he will be King one day! I personally think it’s a much better fit!


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