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Prince William Reveals His Deepest Struggles After Becoming A Father And Admitted What We’ve Wondered All Along

February 14, 2019

Prince William might be the future King of England, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his moments of insecurity.

The future King and father-of-three has the entire world wondering how he manages his life. Much of his perceived success is due to the fact that he’s grown up in the Royal Family and has never known anything different; he’s learned how to balance several projects and duties along with managing his feelings, all while maintaining a perfectly content and confident outside persona since the time he was young. Many believe that William mastered the art of composure when he was just 15 years old and made the infamous walk behind his mother, the late and beloved Princess Diana, after she tragically died.

Since then, William and remained stable beyond measure, a quality that, no doubt, a future King must possess. However, the life he's lived nor royal training could have ever prepared him for what fatherhood would introduce.

On Thursday, February 14th, 2019, William visited London’s Abbey Centre to speak at a session called “Future Dads.” As one would guess, the engagement was for soon-to-be-fathers to prepare for what would come their way. The event was hosted by the charity, Future Men, which solely aims to prepare men for fatherhood and serves as a community to discuss mental health.

During his time there, William revealed much more than he ever has about his experience with parenting. From sleep deprivation to dressing wiggly little infants, William made sure to share his experience with vulnerability.

He specially mentioned his struggle with newborns, saying, “It's very daunting how tiny they are when they first arrive," he said. "They are so fragile, tiny little fingers and toes. You do feel like if you move them around too much, they are going to break, but they don't. Wait until they're nine months, and they'll be off."

William then revealed the experience that rocked him. He admitted, “Once the lack of sleep starts setting in, the stress levels go up. From a young age you're taught to have a vision, have a plan, have a career and all of a sudden babies come along and you have to start thinking about a lot more. I think ladies are a lot more giving, a lot more generous, but guys, to make a success of whatever we're going to do, we get into a rhythm. It's such a change, your whole life goes one way and suddenly you're told to stop in your tracks."

Surely, the obvious changes that come with children (such as feeding them and getting them on a good sleep schedule) can be overwhelming enough. But more than that are the long days and nights of realizing that your life is no longer about you. That can be a lot to take in, especially for someone who has been so focused on their future.

William’s vulnerability in sharing his experience is something that several fathers will understand. Parenthood is hard, but you and Kate are doing an incredible job, William! Thank you for being so honest about your experience!

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