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Prince William Plans To Take Back Camilla’s Most Prized Possessions Once He’s King, And He Won’t Be Showing Any Mercy

May 07, 2018

Prince William is about to be one of the world’s most powerful leaders. As second in line for the throne of England, Prince William is believed to be only a few short years away from becoming King- a role that his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is currently in.

Once king, William will experience an entirely new life. From the very beginning of his life, the young prince was being groomed to be all that Britain would need one day. His parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, were adored when they welcomed little William into the world.

As he grew up, Prince William would capture the hearts of people with his simply demeanor and honesty. He was immediately seen as “fit for King,” even when he was just a little tot. Over the years, he’s evolved into a truly remarkable husband, father, and leader.

Queen Elizabeth has reigned for the past 63 years, and at 92 years old, her age is believed to give way to ending her role as the sovereign ruler. After her reign, her son will step in; Prince Charles will become King and his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will join him in his ruling.

Once the reign of Prince Charles is passed down to Prince William, he will have most likely outlived his father, leaving just Camilla. In which case, Prince William will become king- a role that Camilla will have to accept and honor.

Many are curious about Prince William’s first order of business after becoming king; his new roles and responsibilities affect millions, as well as his own family. Even Camilla will acknowledge her son-in-law as her superior and will have to follow his lead.

Many wonder how this change in authority will progress, especially regarding Camilla. Recently, The Express, confirmed that once William becomes king, he will come into possession of any content that members of the Royal Family claim or have been given…

That includes all of Camilla’s jewelry. While Camilla has been given countless pieces of fine jewelry, they will belong to William once he’s king. Camilla’s affinity for jewelry has been known since her entry into the royal family. From rubies, sapphires, diamonds; earrings, crowns, rings, and bracelets- it will all belong to William.

William will then do what he wishes with the jewelry; he can either loan it back to Camilla for events or he will add it to the Royal Collection of jewelry. Many believe that he will put the jewels on display, especially given his loyalty to tradition.

What do you think? Will Camilla have a hard time giving up the gifts, or will she respond with ease? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!


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