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Prince William Reported As Contender For Walking Meghan Down The Aisle- Meghan’s Family Has A Lot To Say About It

March 12, 2018

The wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is quickly arriving. With each passing day, the arrival of the latest wedding details as our wedding fever rises higher and higher.

There will be a nice balance of the couple’s wants and royal standards/ traditions. Although, one detail- one very prominent detail, we might add- that the world is waiting on, is who will be the individual to walk Meghan Markle, the American bride-to-be, down the aisle.

Typically, the bride’s father walks his daughter down the aisle. However, shortly following the engagement of Meghan and Prince Harry, Meghan shared that she was considering having her mother walk her down the aisle. This suggestion had millions curious about her father, Thomas Sr. Meghan’s relationship with her father is less than ideal; the pair has not had a healthy relationship for much of her adult life.

The next contender was Meghan’s step-brother, Thomas Jr. However, Meghan and Thomas have not been close for a long time. His name ended up in the headlines for domestic violence after he pulled a gun on his girlfriend during an argument.

According to reports in several tabloids including The Sun, a UK news tabloid, Meghan is not only excluding them from the opportunity of walking her down the aisle but is excluding them from the wedding entirely. Reports have claimed that the Meghan’s two closest male relatives will not be present for the event entirely.

While Meghan’s first suggestion for giving her away was her mother, Doria Radlan, royal advisors have not accepted that idea. Instead, they’ve reported suggested another male-figure in Meghan’s life...

Prince William!

Prince William will be Meghan’s brother-in-law once Meghan and Harry wed. The two have become closer since the engagement but it’s not quite certain that Prince William will play such prominent role come May 19th. Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the latest reports about who will attend the wedding as well as who will walk Meghan down the aisle. I guess we'll just have to wait until May 19th to find out!

Meghan’s family has shared that despite tabloid rumors and headlines, Meghan’s father is excited for the wedding and he plans to proudly give his daughter away. Although, the family members making those statements are also rumored not to be invited. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what May 19th brings…


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