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Prince William’s Curious Action Brings New Light To Old Debate

March 22, 2018

Recently, Prince William has bestowed a magnificent honor on a rather famous musician that has brought about quite a debate. 77-year-old Richard Starkey, or Ringo Starr as he was best known, was knighted as part of a ceremony for his contribution to the musical world. He now joins the other surviving beatles member, Paul McCartney, as a fellow knight.

To be knighted is one of the most spectacular awards one can ever be granted by a member of the British royal family. To earn your knighthood, you must have mad a serious, long lasting contribution in an activity, usually at a national or international capacity. That’s why it didn’t surprise anyone when in 1997, Paul McCartney earned his knighthood for his time in the band, The Beatles, which just so happens to be at the center of quite the debate.

For years, fans of The Beatles have debated why the Royal Family would have bestowed such an honor on Paul McCartney, while leaving his bandmate behind. It sparked a heated debate online as people why perhaps Ringo was never given the same honor. Now that Ringo has been rightfully knighted, hopefully this is one debate we can lay to rest. Congratulations, Sir Richard Starkey!