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Prince William Makes Bold Move And Embraces His Gene Pool With A Dashing New Look

January 19, 2018

When a relatively young man starts losing his hair it’s a tough transition. His self-image drastically changes, and it is often difficult to find the right style while the process is taking place. Once the amount of hair loss is significant, many gentlemen choose to shave their domes completely, and it usually results in a vast improvement in their looks!

Not even the privileges of royalty can stave off the destiny that is written in one’s genes. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, is proof of that fact. As he says goodbye to the dashing full-head-of-hair look of his younger years, he meets his new appearance head-on.

We have to admire the young Duke for embracing his reality and going ahead and shaving off the last few wispy strands that remained.

Looking at pictures of William over the past few years, it is evident that he is taking after his father’s side of the family in the hair department. While his mother’s side, the Spencers, seem to retain their hair, that is not the case for the Windsors.

His father, Charles, and his Grandfather, Phillip, all have had to suffer the loss of their hair, as has his youngest brother, Edward. Only middle brother Andrew seems to be missing the gene.

Although we applaud the Duke of Cambridge for taking this bold step to clean up his appearance, we are curious as to why the reported cost of the service was £180 ($250)! We realize that this could be only a rumor and we sincerely hope it is. After all, how much effort can it take to shave a head? I take my son to Supercuts and pay $12, and it looks just as good! Ah, the Royal life! I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand it!

While one’s outward appearance is superficial and subject to the effects of aging, and what matters is what is in one’s heart, no one can blame a man for grieving the loss of something that he has had his whole life.

We are glad William took this step and think he looks great! We just hope he does a little shopping around before he makes his next appointment for a haircut!

What do you think of The Duke's new look? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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