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Prince William Told Us It Would be A Boy. Now Is He Telling Us The New Prince’s Name? One Thing's For Sure - The Internet Is Going Wild

April 25, 2018

Well, it seems the Duke of Cambridge has done it again. Remember a couple of weeks ago when he hinted that his newborn child would be a boy? Saying it should be called “Jack?” Well, it turned out to be a boy. Lucky guess or did his accidentally let it slip?

If you are of the belief that he accidentally let it slip, then you are likely to believe that he may have opened his mouth about the newborn prince’s name as well. But which time was he telling the truth? Let’s take a look at the various slips.


The first one was, of course, at the soccer match when, gushing about his favorite player Jack Grealish, William mentioned that it would be a good idea if his son were to become the famous athlete’s namesake. His attempt to cover up his slip of the tongue was NOT very believable, and there were those of us who were convinced that the baby would be a boy. Uh...it IS a boy!


Two days after his son’s arrival, while the whole world is eagerly awaiting the news about the prince’s name, the Duke was at Westminster Abbey for the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving, and may have given some telling hints when he answered some questions from the audience.

According to ET, “While greeting those at the event, the father of three was overheard by reporters talking about his newborn son. When asked how the baby was doing, William replied, "Very well, thanks.

"Sleeping’s going reasonably well so far, so he’s behaving himself, which is good," he added, noting that the child is "in good form, luckily."

As for the name of the baby, the 35-year-old royal had an unexpected response when a member of the audience suggested the name, Alexander (which also happens to be his older son, Prince George's, middle name).

"Funny you should say that," William replied, insinuating that the name had been a recent topic of conversation among those who are in the know. Why would he say that?? Is he toying with us?


Then, once again, William made a feeble attempt to cover his apparent blunder when he added, “Jerry is a strong name." While it seems unlikely that we would ever see a 'Prince Jerry,' the other two names Prince William hinted at are quite likely possibilities, especially the most recent one. (NOT Jerry!)

It was expected that William and Kate would announce the name of their baby on Wednesday as they revealed the name of son Prince George and daughter Princess Charlotte two days after their births.

Reports are trickling out of Kensington Palace, however, that the family will wait until Prince Charles returns from his trip to France and has a chance to meet his new grandson before they ‘officially’ let the cat out of the bag. Until then, my money’s on “James!”

Take a look back at when Princess Charlotte was a brand new princess - and her mother’s words to describe her personality - in the video, below.


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