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Queen Elizabeth Shocked To Hear That Her Adored Prince Secretly Fathered A Child 3 Years Ago; Now, He’s Losing Everything

May 31, 2019

Wow wow wow. Just because they’re Royals doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their fair share of drama.

After three years of rumors, it was finally confirmed that former royal, Nicholas Medforth-Mills (formerly Prince Nicolae of Romania), 34, had fathered a child. For months, the former prince denied the claims that he and a secretive romantic partner, Nicoleta Cirjan, had relations previously. But after more than three years of begging for his cooperation, the truth has finally come out.

The former prince fathered a child with Nicoleta, and on May 27th, he finally confirmed that the paternity test that he had been begged to take was positive.

Nicholas shared the shocking news on his Facebook, saying “Following My Friedrich to take the test on establishing the fatherhood of my alleged child, Mrs. Nicoleta Cîrjan accepted its achievement. The result was positive- I am the father of her Given the context in which this child came to the world, the fact that I did not have a relationship with his mother, I assumed legal responsibility for this one.”

He continued, “For reasons of protecting the superior interests of the child, I believe that any aspect related to its life is strictly private. From the desire of the express to protect the child and to not submit it to any media risks. I have decided to cease any other comments.”

The news was stunning to so many, including Queen Elizabeth of England who is a cousin of Nicholas. As a direct heir to the Romania throne, Nicholas’ actions with Nicoleta caused him to a great source of drama. So much, that his grandfather, King Michael, decided to remove him from the line of succession of the symbolic Romanian throne in 2015.

There has been no comment on his three-old child, other than that he has a daughter. Nicholas recently married in 2018, and his newly discovered news has likely caused some heartache for the wife. We hope the couple will work well to give the child everything she needs, but most of all love and attention.

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