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Princess Beatrice's Stunningly Conspicuous Curtsey-Fail Leaves The Internet Asking, 'What Was She Thinking?'

April 02, 2018

We all know that all British subjects are supposed to bow or curtsey to the Queen when she passes, but did you know this also applies to members of the Royal Family? It's true.

Everyone in the Kingdom is subordinate to the Sovereign and is subject to this rule of protocol. Even when Prince Charles either greets his mother or she passes by, he must lower his head in reverence to her position.

So, when Princess Beatrice, elder daughter of Prince Andrew, remained upright when the Queen arrived for Easter Sunday church services, it left everyone surprised by her obvious lack of respect.

With all the other Royal ladies performing proper curtsies, and Royal gentlemen reverentially lowering their heads as the Monarch passed, Beatrice's omission was conspicuous, at the very least. Or was it?

According to Charlie Proctor of royalcentral.co.uk, there's a simple and hardly scandalous reason for it. "The most likely reason for her lack of curtseying is because she had already met The Queen at Windsor Castle this morning before the church service."

Royal journalist Robert Jobson, explains that people are required to bow or curtsey ONLY upon their first meeting of the day with the Queen. Obviously, Beatrice had met with her grandmother earlier in the day and had performed the obligatory show of respect at that time. Therefore, she is not required or expected to curtsey a second time.

Johnson continues, "The other members of The Royal Family, on the other hand, met the Queen for the first time today at church. This is why they all curtsied and bowed."

Good to know!

To see the arrival of Queen Elizabeth on Easter morning, watch the video, below.


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