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Princess Charlotte Goes Into ‘Big Sister Mode’ At Prince Louis’ Christening, Leaving Millions Astonished By Her Unprecedented Behavior

July 12, 2018

There’s an understood rule that comes with being an older sibling. You naturally have the urge to protect, aid, and love your younger brothers and sisters unconditionally.

When it comes to pressure from the outside world, it’s always the older siblings that immediately jump in to guard their younger family members from any negativity. When you’re part of the British royal family, it’s simply in your blood to do so.

To say they live an unorthodox life compared to many would be a drastic understatement. From the moment they are conceived, the weight of the royal role in which they must fill is instantly placed upon them.

Once they’re born, they have strict rules, procedures, and protocols they must learn. By the time they’re school-aged, these behaviors are almost second-nature to them.

They attend many formal engagements and know precisely how to talk and behave, never daring to push the limits in the eyes of the public. One of the most recent royal family public engagements was that of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest child, Prince Louis.

For an occasion of this magnitude, family members dressed excellently and came swarming in. Prince William and Kate arrived with all of their beautiful children in tow: Prince Louis (near 3 months), Princess Charlotte (3), and Prince George (4).

Others in attendance were Prince Louis’ six godparents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It was a moment in which no one wanted to forget, and they all quietly filed into St. James Palace.

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle before the ceremony started, it was one royal who definitely stole the show, and it wasn’t the star of the hour, Prince Louis. It was none other than the proud big sister, Charlotte.

As she was quietly entering the chapel with her family, she held tightly to her father’s hand and took in the magnitude of the crowds and the photographers outside the palace. It was the presence of the photographers, though, that she was most leery.

In passing, she looked them square in the eyes and said, “You’re not coming,” before walking away with her father. This was her way of putting on her big sister role and protecting her little brother from bothersome photos!

It was as if she knew just how special this day truly would be and she wanted nothing more than to do her part in ensuring it went off without a hitch. From the sounds of it, she’s a magnificent sister and would do anything for her brothers. We can’t wait to see how their sibling bond continues to blossom in the coming years!


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