Princess Charlotte May Be the ‘Bossy’ One, But Big Brother George Still Can Make Her Cry

March 29, 2018

It's always hard for the younger sister when the older brother sets out for school for the first time. Up to that point, the big brother has been a part of her everyday life. Then, so suddenly, he isn't there all the time and her world is turned upside down. It's no different in the Royal Family of Prince William.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are extremely close and always enjoy playing together. So imagine that first day when George departed for school and left little Charlotte behind.

As you might expect, not only was Charlotte not happy, but she burst into tears as she watched him from the nursery window.

In her little mind, she had no idea if or when he would return and it must have been very disconcerting. Thank goodness there are many loving family members and nannies who can give Charlotte all the attention she could ever want in her brother's absence.

Not only are Prince George and Princess Charlotte extremely close to their parents, but they are also very fond of their Great Grandmother, the Queen. They have no idea of the magnitude of her role; they simply know and love her as "Granny."

Now, Princess Charlotte is bigger and it is her turn to march off to school. She has been attending Willcock's Nursery School since January and seems to love getting her chance to have a special time with playmates other than her big brother.

Only time will tell if the two Royal children will always remain as close as they are now, but I have a hunch that when their little sibling makes his debut in April, they may cling to each other all the more!

To learn more about the sweet relationship between the two youngest Cambridges, watch the video, below.

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