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Princess Diana Foreshadowed Harrowing Details About Prince Harry’s Future, And Her Words Will Chill You To The Bone

March 29, 2018

Any good mother wants nothing but the best for her children. She has carried them for nine months, feeling every little kick and movement long before they ever meet the world for the first time.

She knows them on a level that no one else ever will, and they share an indescribable bond. When her children have grown, the bond continues to grow. Her wisdom is carried on throughout her children’s lives, and they carry a part of her in their heart even long after she’s gone.

This kind of bond was the very scenario for the beloved Princess Diana and her sweet boys, Prince William and Prince Harry. She was tragically taken from us all far too soon, and the world continues to mourn her passing to this very day. One can only fathom just how proud she would be of her family if she were still alive.

She would be bursting with joy to see her William become an incredible father of soon-to-be three precious little ones. I’m sure deep down in her heart; she could foresee just how amazing he’d play this role.

For her Harry, on the other hand, she always felt a bit anxious. According to one of her closest friends, Jennie Bond, she often stated her concern for her youngest. His wild child personality kept her on her toes. In an interview, Bond elaborated on another reason for her concern: “She was always anxious Harry should find his role in life because it’s not easy for the second son and she was worried about him finding happiness.”

Bond went on to say: “Harry is a character that people like and he brings a smile to people’s faces. I always knew people have a soft spot for Harry, maybe because he’s a mischievous character. He’s very personable, and I think people have affection for him.”

Because Bond knew her on such a personal level, she knows that if Princess Diana could see her youngest now, she would be over the moon to know how well his life is going. She even believes that Diana would simply adore Harry’s bride-to-be, Meghan Markle.

While she sadly will not be able to see this wedding, we know that her presence will be felt in every way possible on this momentous day. You will forever be loved and remember, Princess.


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