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One Detail About Princess Diana Finally Exposed After All These Years - Fans Are Shocked And Left With So Many Unanswered Questions

May 28, 2019

One of the most iconic and timeless royals in all of history is the graceful and elegant one that was taken from us far too soon - Princess Diana.


Not a day goes by than many true royal fans don’t think about her, especially considering all of the glorious happenings within the family these days. Had Diana been here, she would have had the pleasure and honor of seeing both of her sons, William and Harry, each marry the loves of their lives.


She would have also gotten to watch her four precious grandchildren - George, Charlotte, Louis, and Archie - grow up. She would, undoubtedly, be so very proud. Recently, an untold story about the late Princess has surfaced, and many fans were rocked to the core when they really heard the truth.


It was incredibly devastating with the official news broke that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were officially divorcing. It was an event that was foreshadowed for some time but was a painful blow, nonetheless, when the event finally took place.


Sources claim that months after Charles separated from Diana, she showed up to a royal event - a state banquet for President Mario Soares of Portugal - anyway. This not only shocked him deeply but it also took many others by great surprise. It isn’t often you see a soon-to-be-former member of the royal family still attending family events.


Apparently, Charles and his grandmother, the Queen Mother, were unbelievably angry to see her present for the event. Little did they know at the time that it was Queen Elizabeth who extended the olive branch and invited Diana. She also so cunningly made sure not to utter a word about it before the event ever took place.


Once her real reason for inviting Diana to the event was revealed, fans were taken aback and fully agreed with her decision. She had hoped that if Diana was present once again, she and Charles would end up making amends and getting back together once more.


Sadly, this never took place and following their messy divorce, Diana was “stripped of her title of Her Royal Highness, and instead became known as Diana, Princess of Wales.”


While the story never did play out as many, including ther Queen, had hoped, it is so comforting to know that in the end she did all she could to try and reunite her son with “the People’s Princess.”

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