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Princess Died During Surgery, Only To Be Brought Back And Face Cancer. She Survived It All To Become A Loved Family Pet

November 08, 2017

Princess Bethanee Hamilton is a gorgeous, pure-white French Bulldog who lives with her adoring momma, Lindsay, in Portland, Oregon. Lindsay and Princess love to go on long walks, and dressing up in adorable outfits! Princess and Lindsay are great companions for each other, and it’s clear these two were always meant to be best friends.

Princess Bethanee Hamilton was picked up on the side of the road in early 2016. She was running loose on the streets, starving, and doing her best to survive. When the pound picked her up, they searched high and low to track down her previous owners, finding it unthinkable that anyone could ever abandon such a sweet and loyal pup.

When no one claimed her, she was placed for adoption, and it was then time to spay her. As they performed the routine surgery, the unthinkable happened. Princess died on the table. The veterinarian and nurses jumped into action, and they managed to resuscitate her without too much effort. French Bulldogs like Princess are notorious for having problems under anesthesia because of their noses and breathing difficulties.

After Princess recovered from the surgery, the Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue stepped in to make sure that she would find her perfect home. Princess’ bad luck, however, wasn’t finished yet. When she was placed in a foster home, they spotted a large tumor on her backpack which turned out to be cancerous.

When the veterinarian gave them the diagnosis, they were left with two options. Princess would either have to undergo chemo for the rest of her life or she would have to face surgery once again, this time, to have her leg amputated. At three years of age, chemo was going to be a horrible undertaking for the rest of her life, so the best option for her would be to brave the anesthesia one more time.

The surgery was long and concerning; the vet and nursing staff were on standby, waiting to find out if Princess would crash again. Thank goodness that Princess survived the surgery without another near-death scare. Now all she had to do was learn how to live without her leg and find her perfect forever home.

It took Princess two months to heal completely from the surgery. Not long after that, Lindsay adopted her! Princess took to having three legs like a duck to water, and seemed not even to notice that one leg was gone! Nowadays, Princess goes everywhere with Lindsay! Together, they go to work, restaurants, shopping, and to get coffee! Princess and Lindsay are the two greatest friends, and even though Princess’ path there was tough and full of road bumps, it’s led them to the best thing ever.

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