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Princess Eugenie’s Shocking Abuse Of Royal Privilege Has Grave Consequences For All Involved

May 08, 2018

Princess Eugenie is one of the more beloved members of the British Royal family. While she may not be as popular as her cousins, Prince William or Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie is still a royal, and that means she gets special treatment, whether she deserves it or not.

When Princess Eugenie applied to attend Newcastle University, she applied to pursue an undergraduate degree in English literature. Surprisingly, her application was rejected by the admissions officer for BA English literature.

When school officials learned what he had done, they scrambled to offer her a chance at a different program. Rather than earning a BA in English Literature as she had planned, the University offered her a combined BA honours degree in politics, history of art, and English literature.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Dr. Martin Farr, a senior history lecturer at Newcastle University, “being Italian [the admissions officer] had not noticed that Princess Eugenie of York from Sandringham may have had more significance for the institution than another applicant.”

Eugenie went on to graduate from Newcastle University after her three-year course in 2012. She finished with a 2:1, which is about an equivalent of a 3.4 - 3.7 gpa in the American school system.

This bombshell about Princess Eugenie’s college experience not only tarnishes the school’s reputation, but it helps further the cause of organisations like the anti-monarchist group, Republic. Allowing her into the college also took a spot away from a student they felt deserved the spot.

Do you think Princess Eugenie should have accepted the place at Newcastle University, knowing she only got in based on her royal heritage?

This is an intriguing story, and we thought we could follow it up with a video that is sure to get a smile out of anyone! We hope you enjoy the video below!