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Future Princess-To-Be Meghan Markle Is Under Fire For Something Very Odd- Her Hair

January 12, 2018

Since the news of Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry’s engagement broke in late November, the world can’t seem to get enough of the American sweetheart. With a wedding date set for May 19, 2018, the busy princess-to-be has been meeting several people for interviews and social events.

As a California native, Meghan has always had a more laid-back sense of style. While she’s known for playing a prim and proper attorney on her American television series, she actually dresses quite casually in her personal life.

Since her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan’s personal life has been much more public. While she and the prince were dating, she seemed to be in the media only a fair amount. Her laid-back style was admirable while she was “the girlfriend,” but now, things have changed.

Since becoming formally engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan has been under constant scrutiny for her dress and wardrobe. While she’s kept true to her self, her style and appearance have been under fire since the engagement.

During nearly every public outing, interview, and meeting, Meghan’s style has proven to reflect her easy-going character. In comparison to the rest of the Royal Family, Meghan’s wardrobe appears to be very casual and relaxed.

If you follow the Royal Family, then you know that they are always dressed to the nines. Especially The Queen. As 91-year-old women who has been working for literally her entire life, The Queen never goes a day without hair, makeup, and an exceptional wardrobe. She has been known to urge her family to take immense pride in their appearance as they’re representing not only themselves but The Royal Family of England and God, indirectly.  Talk about pressure...

One element of her wardrobe that tends to be a popular topic is her hair. Meghan has opted for a relaxed look lately with a messy bun. Now, the future princess isn’t wearing a top knot held together with a raggedy old bobby pin. She actually looks quite beautiful with her hair swept back into a low bun with her long bangs framing her face.

While she may be under fire by some, there are thousands of Meghan Markle fans that love her specifically for her style. People are saying she is “the most relatable person in the family,” and “comfortable with who she is.” With so much intrigue built around the Royal Family, it’s fun to finally have someone to relate to.

Some are saying that Meghan is channeling her belated mother-in-law, free-spirited, relatable, and easy going. What do you think? We think she is as adorable as ever and looks beautiful no matter what she wears or how she styles herself.

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