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Princesses Beatrice And Eugenie Make Massive Royal Mistake, And Queen Elizabeth Has A Lot To Say About It

June 28, 2018

There’s no doubt that the British Royal Family is one of the most intriguing families in the world. From palaces and crown jewels to private jets, the Royals live a highly glamorous life. But don’t let their first impressions fool you- the life of a Royal Family member is a lot of things but one thing it’s definitely not is egocentric.

The Royal Family follows a rigorous set of protocol. Some of the family protocol include: following dining etiquette (i.e., how to sit, how to hold a teacup, ect.), not voting, not eating certain foods (garlic and shellfish), not having social media accounts. Those are just a few of their restrictions and they’re all liberties that many others have.

Another rule that must be followed is a simple one- no autographs. This rule is entirely understandable, especially for individuals that hold high rankings in the Royal Family.

That’s why the Internet went nuts when this photo was posted on Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram account:

The picture was of Ed Sheeran’s guitar. The painting expressed a message of positivity and was later auctioned off to support the organization of which Fergie and Princess Beatrice is involved in: Children in Crisis. While there is no harm in being involved in charities (it’s quite common for many Royals), Fergie and her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, crossed a massive Royal line when they signed their name on the painting.

In the Royal Family, it’s against protocol to sign your name, especially as a celebrity autograph. The reason for this is simple. CheatSheet suggests this the rule is to “to avoid the forging of royal family signatures as the family has a strict anti-fraud policy that asks all members of the family to avoid signing autographs.”

As we know from past, Her Majesty does not appreciate when members of her family break the protocols. In one interview, Prince Harry confessed that when rules are broken, the Queen will “put you back in your place… quite rightfully so.” Check out the interview below!

Here is a glimpse at the Royal Family from the Trooping the Colour 2018. What a beautiful family!


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