Professor Beldi Is A Cat That Knows What He Likes And, Surprisingly, What He Likes Is Fruit

November 06, 2017

Cats can be such picky eaters. Some like only gourmet canned food while others prefer grain-free dry food; still, some will eat just about any cat food. Those kinds of cats are few and far between, however.

I have a British Longhair though, and she will eat some pretty strange foods such as mandarin oranges. It seems that this may be a trait of the breed. Meet Professor Beldi, the fruit-loving cat of Instagram!

Professor Beldi's human was surprised when he wanted to try people food. He, however, knows what he likes and what he wants is fruit!

Professor Beldi loves almost every fruit that he tries. Among his favorites are apples, watermelons, and strawberries! The culinary kitty has also tried an assortment of vegetables, such as baby carrots, but decided to stick with the fruit. Aren't you thankful for cats and the amusement that they bring us?

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