Prominent Royal Family Members Noticeably Excluded From The Wedding Lineup, Leaving Thousands Shocked Beyond Belief

May 16, 2018

The time in which the world has patiently awaited has almost arrived. In a few short days, Prince Harry will tie the knot with his American sweetheart, Meghan Markle, in front of millions worldwide.

There are a select few that will be in attendance for the ceremony, but millions of others will have the privilege to watch it all take place from the comfort of their own home. Though their engagement has been a brief one by royal standards, they’ve managed to check off every “to-do” on their list in record time.

One thing the couple has managed to do is keep a tight lip on all the details surrounding the glorious occasion. To keep the public happy for a time, they’ve let a few crucial details emerge along the way, getting us all the more excited.

Recently, they announced the lineup of adorable children that will be participating in the ceremony. According to sources, these little ones will vary in age and relation to the bride and groom.

While there are some easily recognizable faces in the bunch, many devout royal followers noticed some little ones that didn’t make the cut. This left many questioning why they would forego having the children in the wedding.

Two children, in particular, were nowhere to be found on the list. Zara and Mike Tindall’s daughter, Mia Tindall (4), didn’t make the cut. Despite her absence on the list, she is neck and neck with her other cousins on the absolute cuteness factor.

Alongside her, her cousins Savannah (7) and Isla Phillips (6) also were omitted. They are the daughters of Peter and Autumn Phillips. These three precious girls are all the granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne.

Many speculate that the main reason for this is because Meghan doesn’t know them as well as other members of the family. But, as with any family, there are only so many littles you can have in a wedding before things take a hectic turn.

I think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already have their hands full with ten children in the bridal party!

Do you think these girls were omitted out of lack of favoritism?

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