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Pit Bull Mother And 9 Puppies Found Living In Abandoned Tire. Watch How Protective Mother Responds As The Rescuer Steps Out Of His Truck.

August 15, 2017

As a dog shelter volunteer, I’m incredibly thankful when people call in to report a lost or abandoned dog.  It breaks my heart knowing a dog is lost, frantically wandering the streets or cowered in a dark alley somewhere.  When we’re able to save any dog from the streets; just means we’re one step closer to finding his or her owners or new forever home.

One fine day, Animal Control received a call concerning a stray mother pit and her puppies.  Lost without a home, they were spotted near a dead end street.  Rumor had it; nearby workers were going to take a few of the puppies and leave the rest in the abandoned tire, which is where they currently lived.


Right away Animal Control jumped on the call and headed to the scene where the mother and puppies were last seen.  The rescuer located the mother pit and slowly stepped out of his truck.  Unaware of how she would react; he reached out his hand and surprisingly she slowly inched her way to his side.  Her eyes and body language expressed she was terrified yet truly wanted to trust him.  With patience and perseverance, the mother allowed the leash to slip over her head.  

The rescuer was now faced with loading the scared mother into the Animal Control truck.  During this scene I was in complete awe as the man was able to use the leash as a harness; then safely proceed with hoisting the dog into the ventilated, air conditioned, truck.  He’s now faced with the task of finding the puppies and praying they’re safe and sound.  With no sign of the puppies, he decides to ask a nearby worker regarding the situation at hand.  Right away the rescuer is warned to be careful due to the mother’s protectiveness towards anyone who crosses her puppies. Thankfully, the mother dog was already rescued and in his possession.


The rescuer heads back to the original scene and into the thickness of the trees where he locates a tire in the distance.  Praying they’re all alive and well, one by one he pulls out 9 adorable black and white puppies.  With six males, three females, and one mother; he successfully transports all healthy dogs to the local shelter.

Watching the mother become reunited with her puppies is probably my favorite scene.  She looks at the rescuer, wags her tail in gratitude and walks directly to her puppies.  The hardness of the tire and the darkness of night, are just a memory of the past.  This time they’re in a safe environment surrounded by love, a cushy bed, with a forever home on the horizon.

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