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Zuzi Was Homeless, Living In A Parking Lot; Some People Would Feed Her Scraps But No One Would Rescue Her - Until One Woman Saw Her Worth And Took Her Home

November 06, 2018

Sweet pup, Zuzi, lived the life of many strays like her - alone on the street, scrounging for scraps of food, drinking from puddles, and missing out on the best part of being alive - the precious love of a family. Her home was a parking lot in a business complex in Romania, and Zuzi did her best to eke out a meager existence.


Garbage was the source of a majority of her meals, and rainwater supplied most of her drinking water. Once in a while, however, some kind soul would leave out their leftovers for her; on such occasions, Zuzi feasted.

The kindness these people extended to this desperate dog was sporadic at best, and never grew to anything that remotely resembled love and affection.

The authorities responded to reports of a small white dog roaming around the parking lot. Dog Catchers did their duty and made several attempts to ensnare the homeless pup, using the harsh and sometimes painful tool known as a Catch Pole. No matter what they tried, Zuzi always managed to evade capture, barking loudly in protest.


As a result of these failed apprehensions, Zuzi had become leery of any person that got too close to her. Even if the intent was to help her, potential rescuers had to deal with the psychological damage that prevented Zuzi from trusting humans.

When "Howl of a Dog" Rescue Organization in Resita, Romania, caught wind of the precious pup’s plight, they stepped in and made their own attempts to help Zuzi.

Having heard about Zuzi’s trauma at the hands of the dogcatchers, the rescuers rejected the notion of using catchpoles as a means of entrapping the stray. After repeated failures, they sought the advice of veterinarians on the best way to accomplish their task, without harming or traumatizing Zuzi in the process. 

Their suggestion was to administer a small dose of a tranquilizing drug - just enough to take the edge off Zuzi’s anxiety so that she would allow the well-meaning humans to approach her. 

Once Zuzi had calmed down a bit, her liberators moved in, wooing her with gentle caresses and kind words. When vets were able to examine the stray, they found evidence that life on the streets had taken its toll on her - Zuzi was infested with fleas and her skin bore the telltale signs of previous animal bites and other injuries.

Great care was taken to restore Zuzi’s physical health, but there was one challenge that remained. Even though the darling doggie had a place to call home, she was still too frightened to emerge from the safe confines of the building.

Over time, and by employing an abundance of patience and tenderness, the rescuers were able to coerce the cowering canine into coming outside. Once she took that final step of faith, Zuzi’s future burst wide-open with possibilities!

Zuzi now enjoys all the perks of being a beloved pet. Here she munches on a delicious treat from her loving mom. 

 After her snack, Zuzi plays outside, occasionally stopping for an impromptu hug from Mom!

Just looking at Zuzi’s face tells the tale of the life she is living - Happy, healthy, and full of love, vitality, and hope.

At the end of a long, adventure-filled day, Zuzi even has her own personalized doggie bed on which to lay her weary head. It’s a life fit for a princess, and Zuzi is soaking up every minute of it.

Her tragic, desperate former life-on-the-street is in the past - no longer impacting her life but fading to nothing more than a distant memory for this beautiful, beloved family pet. Zuzi will live out the rest of her days in the loving embrace of her forever family!

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