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Rescuers Discover Puppy Trapped In Sewage Drain- After Arrival, They Realize Her Condition Is Seriously Fatal And Immediately Do The Unthinkable

September 24, 2018

When animal rescuers in India learned that a puppy had collapsed in a sewage drain, they immediately feared for the worst. What they discovered was truly heartbreaking, but after an incredible rescue, they were met with the most incredible recovery in their rescue history.

A puppy had been trapped in sewage. It wasn’t clear as to how long the puppy was in stuck in the sewage, but when rescuers arrived, they discovered that the puppy was in far worse condition than they could have ever imagined.

Looking down, the puppy appeared to be held up only by trash surrounding her. As she leaned against the wall of the sewer, she could barely keep her head up and was seconds away from drowning.

Once the puppy was pulled out from the water, the rescuer realized that her back leg was severely broken and infected. After getting wrapped in a blanket, the rushed to the animal hospital.

Immediately, she began receiving the love she so desperately needed. Doctors knew that she would need to have her leg amputated but before they could do that, she needed to regain strength. After food, water, medication, and affection, she was prepped for surgery.

She nearly slipped away multiple times while in surgery, but even as they were looking down to see their pup severely underweight and losing her leg, they had hope that she would recover and be stronger than ever.

And that’s exactly what happened! After surgery, the puppy recovered better than anyone had expected! She was full of love and energy and let nothing stop her from spending each day in total joy! The rescue team adored her strength and decided to name her Phoenix- quite fitting, isn’t it?

Animals are so special and we are so thankful or those who dedicate their lives to innocent animal lives. Due to extremely graphic footage, the video is linked so that you may view it only if you wish- you can click here to watch Phoenix’s full recovery. Let us know what you think in the comment section on Facebook!

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