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Twice Abandoned, Scooter Was Tied To Dumpster And Left Behind Once More. The Only Clue To 'Why,' Was In Sad Note Lying Next To Him

November 07, 2018

Poor Scooter had no idea why his life had been suddenly upended. His loving owner was powerless to save him and probably had no idea he had been left behind like this. You see, Scooter's owner had recently been sent to jail, and Scooter had been left behind by this unfortunate turn of events.

Originally, friends of his dad were willing to take in the lonesome pup but, for whatever reason, they changed their mind. That's how Scooter ended up in his precarious position - tied to a dumpster and left alone, with only a sad note to explain why in the world anyone would treat one of God's creatures this way.

Luckily, Scooter was not harmed while he was there, thanks to his photo that someone had posted online. When Paula Langford of South Eastern Homeless Animals (SEHA) spotted Scooter's photo one day, she knew she had the power to help this dog find a better life.

Paula reached out to the person who had posted the photos and told them that she wanted to take Scooter with her and try to find out where he came from. They agreed and, soon, Scooter and Paula were on a quest for answers.

When Paula first saw Scooter, she was intrigued by the items that belonged to the dog. The pup had been found with not only a bag of grain-free dog food, but also an expensive carrying case and collar. It was obvious that Scooter had been well-loved and cared for.

When Paula scanned the pup for a microchip, she gained additional information about where Scooter came from. He'd been in Colorado, Florida, and now South Carolina! What an adventurous life he must have lived! Good information, but there had to be more to the story!

That's when she got the idea to try tracking down the officer who had arrested Scooter's owner. From him, he learned a very important piece of information. Through it all, the pup's owner had been so worried that his precious pooch would end up in a shelter with no one to love or treat him the way he was used to being treated. That's why the owner had believed his two "friends" when they agreed to take Scooter in.

Ignoring the wishes of the dog's owner, the two friends eventually gave up on the pup and abandoned Scooter in the cruelest of ways. Thankfully, the authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the two and, hopefully, they'll get what's coming to them!

Thanks to Paula, though, the sad part of Scooter's story is over. This was one lady who was not going to be deterred by obstacles. She got ahold of the owner's mom who lived in Colorado, and she was more than happy to take in the pup - if Paula could get him there.

So the two set out on a 25-hour road trip that took them over 1,600 miles. When they arrived, Paula was happy to turn over her charge to a loving member of the family.

Now, Scooter would have the love and stability that he was at great risk of losing forever. Instead, thanks to the dedicated efforts of one woman, this formerly-homeless dog would have a place to call home. And who knows? Maybe when his owner has paid his debt to society, there would be a joyful reunion between Scooter and his dad.

To see more about Scooter's story, watch the video, below.

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