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Kelsey Was So Far Gone, No One Could Even Tell What Kind Of Animal She Was - But Just As She Was Ready To Give Up, A Miracle Happened

November 16, 2018

When the woman gazed at Kelsey from across the street, she wasn’t at all sure what she was seeing. It had to be a dog, but it sure didn’t look like one.

When she got closer, she realized her first assumption had been correct. Kelsey was, indeed, a dog and, from the looks of her, she wasn’t long for this world. Her legs were covered in bright pink skin and she had very little fur due to the severe case of Mange she suffered from.

When the woman opened her car door to get out, the emaciated animal hopped in and hunkered down on the floor of her car. It was at that moment, she made a fervent vow to Kelsey: “If you would just trust me, I promise things will get better.”

From that moment on, things would never be the same for this sweet girl. A visit to the vet confirmed that Kelsey was suffering from numerous ailments, not the least of which were malnutrition and Mange.

Treatment was long and painfully slow, but with such dedicated people in her court, she was definitely headed in the right direction.

Considering all the problems the courageous canine came in with, it was a miracle how quickly she recovered. It’s amazing what a little compassion, dedication, and love can do to lift the spirits of a downtrodden living being.

Over time, Kelsey’s fur grew back and so did her trust of people. We’re so glad that her special guardian angel appeared that day and begged her to come with her. That woman’s compassion and Kelsey’s indomitable spirit was the perfect combination to bring this sweet pup from the brink of death - and on to a life she could never have dreamed was possible.

To learn more about Kelsey’s remarkable recovery, be sure to watch the video, below.

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