Pup With Missing Paw Found On Pile Of Garbage. See How The Love Of Strangers Helps Him Learn To Run - And Live - Again

January 19, 2018

This little guy was in the worst of situations. Not only had he been abandoned to live on a trash heap, but someone had committed a barbaric crime and cut off one of the pup’s paws!

While we could go on and on about the despicable cruelty of some people toward the most vulnerable of creatures, this story will focus on the goodness that the vast majority of humans have inside of them. That goodness causes them to perform wonderful acts of compassion - just like like the heroes in our story.

When the Hope for Paws rescue organization arrived they knew they needed to hurry. By the looks of the fellow from a distance, it appeared that he was on his last legs. They lowered a ladder into the canal so one of them could descend to where the doggy had been sitting for days.

When the rescuer got his first look at the little fellow, he was horrified to discover that the dog was missing one of his paws! Worse yet, it was pretty clear that it had been cut off on purpose! I can’t imagine how much pain the little guy was in at that point! Thank Heaven the heroes got there when they did!

They put the pup in a basket and he was hoisted up to the waiting arms of other rescuers. The precious pooch had to be wondering what in the world was going on, but he gave his saviors no resistance as they worked together to help him.

They carefully moved the traumatized fellow to the car where he was gently wrapped in a cozy blanket to retain his body heat. He looks so exhausted! I wonder if he was able to stay awake on the ride.

Once their little charge was all comfy and cozy and settled into his seat, they rushed him directly to the animal shelter where doctors were waiting to examine the little guy and begin whatever treatment he might need.

The first step upon arrival at the shelter was to get him cleaned up, and the warm water had to feel good on the little fellow’s aching body.

Then he was handed off to the doctors who had a lot of work to do if this pup was going to have any chance to recover. As he was being treated for all his injuries, doctors declared, “He is lucky to be alive!” This courageous canine's indomitable spirit was working overtime to keep him alive, which would be a good omen for his future recovery.

Once the extent of his injuries was ascertained, surgery quickly followed. There, all of his injuries were repaired, including the back paw that needed to be debrided so it would not get infected, and revised so it would not get in his way and hinder his ability to get around.

His recovery was slow at first, as you might expect, but his will to live was stronger than any of the atrocities that were done to him. Little-by-little, the sweet pup got his spunk back and was soon on his way to a full recovery.

As soon as he was well enough to leave the hospital, our fearless friend went to a foster home, where his new life could finally begin. He was taken care of, loved, fed, and reassured that he would never have to be alone again.

We’re happy to report that “Jordan’s” physical recovery is moving along at an astounding pace. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to notice that he is missing a paw! His other three are working just fine, thank you, and he is bound and determined to do all the things the other dogs can do!

Not only can he walk again, but he loves to race through the yard with his best buddies, keeping up with the swiftest of them!

His favorite activity, though, is swimming. In the pool, Jordan shows off his own version of the famous “Doggy Paddle,” and proves that nothing can keep a good dog down!

We are so grateful that Jordan was given a new chance to live a meaningful life, and we’re certain that with the love and care of his new family, he will have the best life any pup could ever hope for!

To learn more about Jordan's uplifting story, watch the video, below.

Thank you for visiting “All Cute All The Time!” We hope that, in some small way, this story has inspired you to live a more meaningful life!!

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