Puppies Stuck In Tar Are Rescued - But It Wasn’t As Easy As You Might Think!

December 28, 2017

It was an unimaginably pitiful sight. Puppies stuck to gooey tar with no way on Earth to escape. The more they wiggled and struggled against their sticky shackles, the more deeply they were entrenched. They were so exhausted from their efforts that they were just about at the end of their strength. It was lucky that a bystander heard their cries and notified Animal Aid Unlimited.

In no time at all, the rescuers were on the scene. Even though their intentions were sincere, the reality of the predicament left them at a loss for what to do to save the puppies - without injuring them in the process.

Then one of the rescuers got an idea. What if they removed the tar along with the puppies? That way they could work on them more easily once they were transported to their facility. This turned out to be an excellent idea. The staff carefully cut away at the tar until one, two, three puppies were on their way to the safety of the Animal Aid Unlimited clinic.

Once the puppies were safely indoors, the workers began the tedious task of freeing them completely from their bondage - which would be no small feat! The first step was to get the puppies hydrated, as there was no telling how long they had been there, stuck to the tar, unable to eat or drink.

Next came mineral oil massages. It took several hours of careful administration of the solvent to soften the tar and to slowly remove it from the puppies’ fur.

It is obvious that the workers were head-over-heels in love with their tiny patients, as you see one of them repeatedly bending down to give little kisses to whichever pup was nearest to her.

It took several days of oil massages and baths to get the majority of the tar removed from the sweet babies. Once they were clean, however, there was no guarantee that they would survive the trauma they had endured.

Never underestimate the power of a determined spirit...in spite of the horror they had just experienced the puppies were able to bounce back to their old selves again!

And even better news than that, the AAU workers were able to locate the momma dog for these puppies. Once the family of four was united, there would be no stopping them as they move on to their new lives.

To see their incredible rescue, watch the video, below.

If you have a heart for street animals or other creatures in distress, contact your local animal shelter to see how you can help!