Puppy And Bunny Meet For The First Time. Their Adorable Playtime Will Melt Your Heart!

September 11, 2017

The introduction begins between a bitty puppy and tiny bunny, a very unlikely pair. As they approach each other, they take one look and immediately start enjoying their playtime together. Wrestling on the floor and relishing in each other’s company, they’re spending this fine afternoon getting to know one another.

playful_bunny.jpgOnce the playing begins, the puppy’s excitement over his new-found friend grows; before you know it, the puppy is radiating with happiness and excitement. Bouncing around the bunny, you can tell this puppy loves his new best-buddy.    

Treating each other with kindness and respect, it’s the beginning stages of a beautiful friendship. You can’t help but smile when watching these two lovely animals play. It’s also a great reminder for us; when new friends enter our lives we should never try to hold back our excitement. Always be willing to open your heart to those around you; treat others with kindness, the utmost respect, and, of course, never-ending love!!

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