Puppy Decides She Doesn't Want To Stay In Her Playpen Anymore. The Escape Attempt That Follows Will Leave You Smiling [VIDEO]


Have you ever been told you couldn't do something? Didn't that make you want to try it more? You were told not to touch the stove as a kid, so naturally, you stuck your finger right on the burning surface. You were told not to climb too high in the tree in the yard, so you decided to climb to the top. You were told not to leave your room and of course, you just had to try to sneak out.


That seemed to be the case for this little Jack Russel puppy. She was put in a corner of the room and fenced in by a puppy proof playpen. The corner of the room wasn't bad at all. It had toys and even a fun little teepee for the puppy to play in. The puppy just didn't seem interested in any of it. The fencing around her said that she couldn't leave the corner, and that wasn't going to fly with her. 


The puppy decided she was done staying where she was told to stay and began her escape attempt. After a few jumps, she stood on her tip toes to see her mother coming over to see what the fuss was about. That was all the motivation that the little puppy needed. With one more jump she was able to get her footing on the plastic fencing and with grit and determination, tumbled over the side to freedom! 

WATCH the adorable escape attempt in the video below! 


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